Loraas In the Community


We know we have a unique responsibility to our planet. That’s why we are continuing to explore new ways to minimize our impact on our environment. Already we have done so much to transform how we dispose of waste. In many markets, we’re recycling or diverting over 50% of our collected waste volumes. And in some cases, that figure is as high as 70%.

We prioritize resource recovery and also collect methane from our landfills, which is then converted to clean energy. In total, we have 23 landfill gas generating facilities that produce enough clean energy to power over 330,000 homes, with initiatives in place to significantly expand biogas production. Relative to our fleet, we recognize the impact a route-based business can have on the environment. To mitigate the impact, we operate over 1,000 compressed natural gas and alternative fuel vehicles. To further reduce our emissions, we are taking delivery of the first industry-wide fully electric vehicles in 2020. These trucks have zero emissions and we anticipate electric vehicles will become a larger proportion of our total fleet.

It's key that we remain proactive in our efforts. That’s why we’re putting money toward environmental causes that we care about. Our first major grant helped establish the Global Waste Research Institute (“GWRI”), advancing state of the art research and development of sustainable technologies and practices. We also regularly contribute to the Environmental Research Education Foundation (“EREF”) and fund over $1 million per year in research related to the environmental industry.

Read our sustainability report here.


As a local Saskatchewan company, we at Loraas value and understand the importance of a thriving community. For over 55 years we have supported many organizations dedicated to making our community a better place, both now and for generations to come.

Giving Back

Loraas is proud to support champions in the community including the following: