Building Careers

Where To?

Starting a role with us is just the first step in building a career. Whether you’re just starting out, changing industries or looking for your next role in the waste industry, there are so many opportunities for you to tap into here.

Our training will help get you going. And from there, you’ll be empowered to recognize and seize the roles that can help you advance to where you want to be.

Words from our team members

Lukas H Rearload Driver
"You create your own opportunities here. With the right attitude and hard work your future is whatever you make it."
Amanda H Controller
"If you're a go-getter and willing to move anywhere and take those chances, you can go very quickly to the top."
Adam O Controller
"Working for Waste Connections is a 360 view of how operations and accounting fit together.  You'll be growing you career alongside people who make a corporation feel like a family.  You are allowed to take pride in talking trash, and do it in a level where your impact is seen daily."
Brian W Division VP
​​​​​​​"What I've found is this is a fun environment, a professional environment, where you can learn a lot. I have been able to grow to a level I dreamed about early on."

At Waste Connections of Canada/Enviro Connexions, we believe in investing in our employees' growth and development. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of training programs to help our employees enhance their skills, improve their performance, and advance their careers. Whether it's leadership training, driver training, or our Sales Bootcamp, our programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of our workforce. With our commitment to employee learning and development, we're not just investing in our people, we're investing in the future success of our business.

Where Waste Connections of Canada/Enviro Connexions Can Take You

Employee Development ​​​​​​​

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Explore opportunities throughout the organization across various locations and departments


Receive support in achieving certification and obtaining licensure

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