At Waste Connections, we’re building a Wellness Program based on three key pillars and best industry practices to help our employees be their best financially, emotionally and physically.

Financial Financial wellness is the ability to manage day-to-day and month-to-month finances, in order to create a safety net for unexpected financial demands.  Meeting  financial goals in the present and the future helps create financial freedom.
Emotional Emotional wellness is being able to successsfully manage your stress, thoughts and feelings, and being aware that these things influence our decsions. Having the ability to be open to new ideas and learn new skills are part of the journey.
Physical Physical wellness occurs when our bodies are functioning at their highest potential. This results from healthy habits such as good nutrition, an active lifestyle, regular sleep patterns, preventing injury and awareness of signs of disease.
Compensation Competitive Wages
Paid Vacation Time
Annual Wage Increases
Benefits Competitive Benefit Program
Prescription Drug Coverage
Paramedical Services
Dental Coverage
Vision Coverage
Financial Wellness Retirement Plan
Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Financial Wellness Tools
Scholarship Program for Kids
Life Insurance
 Short-Term and Long-Term Disabillity
Tuition Assistance
Emotional Strength Employee Assistance Program
Weekly focus on Employee Wellness
Emotional Strength Tools
Employee Focused Culture
Career Advancement Opportunities